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"The value I saw in what you did for me was your ability to listen and truly understand both my capabilities and draw out the appropriate emphasis for my skills and type. The result is a resume and approach to career development which suits the individual I am, rather than the one I think the market expects of me."

Four weeks later:
"I don't know what it was you did with my resume, but I think you are a magician. I have 4 separate opportunities right now I am juggling. One of them looks fantastic! Put this in your testimonial section!"

N.P., Vice President, Marketing & E-Business

"Gloria is a wordsmith. Gloria is a magician. Gloria transforms wannabees into winners. Thank you Gloria for extracting the BS and keeping the stuff that sells. I dedicate the beginning of my next career to you."

M.R., Art Director and Marketing Project Manager

"Several firms offered job search assistance, typically for thousands of dollars. None of these were satisfying. Gloria at GordonLink offered sound advice after carefully listening to my background and needs, then perusing my resume. I found her comments insightful and her rewrites of my resume to be right on target. Her suggestions for my job search were helpful and practical. She has a way of making things clear that were otherwise obfuscated."

P.T., Founder, IT Services Company

"Gloria brought clarity to my fog. I was in the process of making a career transition after business school, and Gloria asked the right questions to draw out the information I needed to pinpoint what I really wanted to do. She then masterfully modified my resume and provided great advice giving me the confidence to go after my dream job. Within days, I had several companies responding to the new resume and cover letters she created. I have reached a level of success in my job search that would not have been possible without her. She was my fairy godmother."

M.G., IT Project Manager and new UCLA MBA

"Gloria assisted me in identifying my key strengths and career accomplishments and describing these in a finely crafted and appealing resume. I received multiple requests for job interviews after circulating my new resume with recruiters. Her services are well worth the extremely reasonable fees."

S.K., IT Consultant

"Gloria is amazing! By asking searching questions, she transforms your resume into a document that flings open previously closed doors. Do yourself a service and give your career a huge boost by using GordonLink. If you don't do it, you'll have to compete against those who have.

D.K., IT Consultant

"When my customers or professional associates ask me for suggestions about a job search or a resume re-write, I refer them to Gloria Gordon at GordonLink because I know it's the best advice I can give them. This is especially true for women who aspire to top level executive positions and board director roles. I can have confidence that Gloria will do a great job for anyone I send her way."

E.G., Technology Consultant

References gladly provided.

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