GordonLink: professional coaching in the 'art of the job hunt'
Coaching the job seeker in the "art of the hunt"

Getting Started
  • Organizing and managing an effective search
  • Targeting the market for your job search
  • Your "elevator speech" -- packaging yourself in 1-2 minutes
  • Developing your resume to make a powerful impact
  • Working the Process
  • Making the Internet work for you
  • Handling search firms
  • Answering ads and online postings
  • Effective telephone and mail campaigns
  • Keeping your spirit up during tough times
  • Effective Interactions
  • Skillful networking
  • Targeted cover letters for mailings, recruiters, networking,
        specific job applications, and ad responses
  • Managing the job interview and difficult questions
  • Telephone techniques
  • Driving the Deal
  • The essential art of the follow-up
  • Negotiating your compensation package

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